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Our WFMC Volunteers are Incredible!

The WFMC is thankful, and grateful, for volunteers who answer the call to chair various awards and programs. With the help of dedicated, and skilled volunteers, Federation Festivals across our state are held that junior division students who excel in music may participate and advance in competitions.

The Junior, Collegiate, and Senior programs, and awards, in the WFMC are sponsored by the state (WFMC) organization or by local clubs through documented and judged auditions. Because of the devotion and enthusiasm of volunteers, students of all ages are able to enjoy the thrill of musical performance and recognition.

Each and every music student of any age, whether in a public or private school, studios, or conservatories of music, is the reason WFMC members are involved and diligent in their tasks, duties and responsiblities, to their local clubs and to the WFMC. We care about every music student in our state.

Thanks to teachers, parents, and students, who devote many hours to practice, study, and personal musical advancement. Your membership is greatly valued by the Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs.

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