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Understanding the hierarchy of the Federation’s structure can answer a lot of questions about how the National Federation of Music Clubs operates and the role each part of the Federation plays.

  • Junior Clubs — Grade School through High School, ages vary for Junior Division awards, scholarships, and programs, see the NFMC Competitions & Awards Chart

  • Senior Clubs — ages in WFMC clubs range from 19 to 100!

  • Collegiate —  19 to 26, ages vary for Student/Collegiate awards, scholarships, and programs see the NFMC Competitions & Awards Chart

  • WFMC — all ages are welcome to be an active member in one of the Nine Divisions which are: Administrative, American Music, Arts, Competitions and Awards, Finance, Junior, Membership & Education, Public Relations, and Student/Collegiate. Music Club members need to be in a Junior, Collegiate, or Senior Club, or an individual member in order to participate or receive awards of any kind.

  • North Central Region — Wisconsin is part of this region which includes the states of: Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota

  • National Federation of Music Clubs, see the website at for information on the national organization.

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