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JCSP is now Composers Institute

JCSP is now Composers Institute with four camps offered: Composers Institute, Studio, Composers Online and Crazy Ideas Institute.

University of Wisconsin – River Falls hosted Composers Institute and Studio in July of 2022.

See the website for up to date information and registration materials.

JCSP/COI 2020 Recap

Emily Custer, JCSP Administrative Directors article

The Composers Online Institute (COI) was conducted in July as an online alternative to JCSP due to the pandemic. Emily thanks the staff and faculty for all they did to create, design, and execute the inaugural year of COI.  In quoting Emily:

When it was decided that JCSP could not be held in person, our teaching faculty began discussing alternative virtual options. Out of their discussions came larger brainstorming sessions that yielded a vast number of creative ideas that were then honed and fine-tuned into attainable goals for COI. Through the expertise and vast amounts of time invested by our teaching faculty, ideas for COI were organized and coordinated to create a new virtual composition program. It was quite a ‘mad dash’ to the last minute when COI went live but the response we received was tremendous.

Six performing partners, including two regular staff members, worked with students to record student works. Professionals from across the country provided top-notch instruction and collaboration with students.

With the help of tutorials, blogs, and how-to guides posted to our COI YouTube channel, helpful and informative information was given to students. Ten new students attended COI with ten returning students.

Due to the success of the  Composers Online Institute this camp option will again be offered in 2021. COI will run concurrently with JCSP 2021.

Wisconsin is part of the seven state North Central Region which includes: Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin . A summer camp that the NCR supports is called Junior Composer Summer Camps. Visit our website at: to learn about what we have to offer young composers.

Composers Institute, Songwriters, and Studio: will be July 18 – 24, 2021 and is a one-week program which primarily focuses on composition and creative composer-performer collaboration. Concentrated instruction will feature a unique theme and possible guest composers. In conjunction with JCSP a Composers Online Institute will be offered for those students who do not wish to meet in person.

JCSP 2021 will be held at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls with room and board included in registration and all activities will be on campus. This is a new venue for JCSP – River Falls is a small community about 50 minutes north east of the Twin Cities.

updated 4/2021

JSCP 2019

Strings + Piano

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, July 8-20, 2019


JCSP 2018, Final Salon Performances


JCSP Faculty, Staff and Students 2018



Wisconsin students with Faculty 2018

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