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What is the Federation Festival?

The National Federation of Music Club’s festival is a musical event held every year, in the months of January – March as a means to foster musical education and development among students of music of all ages. Federation Festivals are held in many locations all over the nation. Students prepare memorized musical pieces which are performed before a judge. The judge issues each participant a written critique to help them improve and grow as musicians. In addition to providing a valuable educational opportunity in a non-competitive setting, students can earn Federation Cup trophies and certificates for their participation.

Looking to 2023…

Federation Festival updates will be coming soon. NFMC and WFMC Leadership changes took place in May and June with new materials to be published soon for our Junior members and teachers.


Festivals will be online with Vivace in 2023
Dues are due no later than September 30, 2022.

Jon Radmer, the State Membership Chairman for WFMC, must receive dues by October 15, or you will be charged a $50 late fee.

The WFMC Dues Notice can be received by contacting Jon at:

For questions Jon can be reached at: W5203 Bechaud Beach Dr., Fond du lac, WI 54935. The dues are $2 for each student you will be entering in Federation Festival or the mimimum of $32 per junior club. A subscription to Junior Keynotes magazine is also required at an annual cost of $6.

Event Fees Increased in 2022

We will also be implementing a fee increase this year. The application fee has remained the same for over 20 years. We’re sure you will agree, everything has increased in price (rather significantly) over the last two decades. To keep the out-of-pocket amount for students at a minimum, we will only be raising the fee $3.00. So, the total cost per event will be $21. Students who are juniors or seniors in high school who do not have time to earn another Festival Cup may subtract $9.00 as the Cup Fee has not changed.

WFMC Federation Festivals are only successful because of your dedication and support. The committee wishes to extend their thanks to all students, parents, and teachers, for their upcoming participation in the 2023 WFMC Federation Festivals!

It is hoped that the WFMC State Festival Competition will be held at the UW-Milwaukee, Peck School of the Arts. Robyn Doege-Brennan and Lisa Mihas are co-chairs of this prestigious event in the WFMC for our Junior musicians.

2022 Grand Cup Winners Wisconsin

EJ Cook, Sam Ecoff-Teacher

Ethan Emaunelson, Carol Waldvogel and Mike Giacobassi-Teachers

When is the Federation Festival Held?

The WFMC Federation Festivals will be both in-person in 2023. Details concerning the festivals will be available soon.

The application fee for the WFMC Federation Festivals had not increased in 20 years. At the WFMC Board of Directors meeting in October, a fee increase was accepted which only raises the fee $3. The total cost per event will be $21 in 2022.

The date of each Federation Festival varies from district to district and from year to year within the WFMC. You can view this year’s festival dates and locations.  If you are unsure of which district you live in, contact a local festival chairperson for advice. For much more information about festivals and getting your students involved in Federation Festival, please see the Teacher Support page.

The 2020 – 2024 NFMC Festivals Bulletin has been published and is available for purchase through the NFMC Headquarters in Indianapolis. See the site to order your copy. A reminder that all materials for music club festivals are copyrighted by the NFMC.

There are Bulletin Updates that are corrections, or additions, to the current Bulletin and these updates can be seen on the or in the Junior Composer Magazine. Make sure you are using the current Bulletin copy, event, and score listings!

updated 9.22

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