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There are a number of forms teachers must fill out to enroll their students in the Federation Festival. Please note that some of these forms are unique to the Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs, and may not be the forms used in other states. Please check with your local festival chair before using these forms in any state other than Wisconsin.

The most basic form you must fill out for each student is a Rating Sheet.

*2020 JR 3-9 Rating Sheet Fill In Form

Please carefully observe how the information has been recorded on the example rating sheet. It is important to include your student’s last name first, then first name and middle name. Including student’s middle names is very important, because it is the method by which students are tracked if they move to a different teacher, district, or state.

Be sure to turn in your completed rating sheets to your  festival chair as soon as you are able, but definitely not later than their deadline. Your festival chair has to make up a schedule for the festival, which takes several hours (or days depending on the size of the competition) of work, and he or she can’t start scheduling students until they have everyone’s rating sheets. By delaying your studio’s entries, you increase the amount of time every other studio in your festival has to wait for their festival times!

Filling out the multiple entry forms required for participating in Federation Festivals can be a daunting task, even for teachers with a small studio. We have come up with some suggestions which can make this process less painful (and hopefully less time consuming!)

1. Fill out rating sheets during student’s lessons. As students select repertoire from the bulletin, record the information about the title of the composition, composer, level, the student’s complete name and event during their lesson. This will save you a great deal of time later and ensures that you don’t have to make a last minute call to a student to request a piece of crucial information you’ve forgotten.

2. Create a computerized database which contains all of your student’s information: Their names, the events they are entering, the titles of their pieces, etc. You can then format this database to print on rating sheets, applications, and small certificates. Your local festival chair will appreciate your neatly printed forms and you will appreciate how little time you will spend printing all of your forms. If you have a computer in your teaching studio or a laptop, you can even enter each student’s information during their lesson time which means that the only time you spend on forms for Federation Festival outside of lessons is the time it takes you to load paper or certificates into your printer and initiate printing. (The NFMC will be requiring that all paperwork be done online in the near future, as in the state of Wisconsin electronic communication is the norm.)

Application and ratings forms for this year are now available in the Forms Download area in PDF format.

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