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Many students do not clearly understand how to warm up on their instrument, or even why warming up is important. Be sure to guide your students by helping them decide how best to warm up before their performance. Scales or arpeggios are generally favored, but you may have a special warm up for your students. Don’t assume that students already know how to warm up.

If this is your studio’s first time participating in Federation Festival, be sure to talk to other teachers in your area to learn more about the judging standards so that you can adequately prepare your students for successful auditions before the judge.

Taking time during the lessons leading up to festival to walk your students through

entering the room, warming up, playing their pieces in order, and leaving is an excellent way to simulate their contest experience. This playacting not only helps students feel more comfortable when they audition for their judge, but it also serves as a stimulus for many thoughtful questions which students might not have otherwise thought of until they face the judge.

Another excellent way to prepare students for Federation festival is to print a blank rating sheet for students to examine so they can see for themselves exactly what their judge will be looking for. Encouraging students to rate themselves in all of the appropriate categories is also a very useful exercise for most students.

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