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A Sample Timetable for Preparing for Federation Federation Festival:

(Assumes that Federation Festival is the first weekend in February. After determining your festival’s date, you can adjust the dates accordingly.)

  • First week of June: Students playing concertos choose their pieces

  • Third week of September: Students playing solos level Medium and up choose required and choice pieces. Students playing concertos should have their piece memorized.

  • Third week of October: Students playing solos level PP (pre primary) through E4 (elementary 4) choose required and choice pieces.

  • First week of November: Students playing duets and hymns choose both of their pieces. Gather student information such as first, middle, last names, titles and composers or pieces, and student’s previous federation records (i.e. how many cup points they have).

  • Third week of November: Fill out rating sheets. This may be done during each student’s lesson to save time. Order practice theory tests from NFMC National Headquarters. The practice theory tests may also be distributed electronically from your festivals chair.

  • First Week of December: Application form is due (Contact your local festival chairfor the specific due date.)

  • Week following Thanksgiving: Students playing solos should have one of their two solos memorized.

  • Last Lesson before holiday break: Students should have both solos memorized.

  • First week of January: Students competing in theory/musicianship event take practice tests.

  • Second week of January: A great time for recitals utilizing Federation solos, concertos, etc.

  • First weekend in February: Festival is held.


(Festivals in the state of Wisconsin run from the end of January to the first weekend of March.)


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