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Students may participate in more than one event on the day of a WFMC Federation Festival. An event is one musical category, such as Piano Solo, Flute Solo, or Theory/Musicianship. The National Federation of Music Clubs offers hundreds of different events ranging from Flute Solo to Improvisation to Dance. If you are new to Federation Festivals, it is probably best to start off with just one or two events for yourself and your students sake. A student might start off with a clarinet solo and Theory/Musicianship. Once you have experienced what a particular event demands from a student, you can make a better judgment about which students can handle participating in possible multiple events.

While there are many different events offered, it is generally a good idea to keep students working on a particular event year after year, because it takes a minimum of three years to earn enough points for a Federation Cup in any given event, and points from different events may not be combined to get a Federation Cup. (A Superior rating, for example, is 5 points, thus 15 points or 3 Superiors would earn a student a Federation Cup.)

It is not altogether uncommon for a gifted student who wants to be challenged to participate in multiple events. A student might participate in a piano solo, hymn playing, theory/musicianship, piano concerto, and piano duet, all in one year.

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