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One of the best things you can do to ensure your student’s success at the WFMC Federation Festivals is to show your students what a special privilege it is to participate. If you are excited about Federation Festivals, your students will be excited about this unique and inspiring competition! However, if you present Festivals as boring, or a lot of unnecessary work, your students will feel that way too.

Remember that if your students are participating in Federation Festivals for the first time, they will naturally approach the festival with some trepidation. Taking time to talk about what happens while they play for their judge and answering any questions they have will go a long way towards dispelling any fears they may harbor.

Talking to both students and their parents about the many benefits of participation in Federation Festivals can also get both parties on board and fired up for the big day!

2020 brings the eighth annual WFMC State Festivals Competition– what an honor to be part of this exciting day that celebrates the advancement of students who receive a ‘superior’ at their local festival. See this website for applications as soon as they are released. The WFMC State Festival Competition takes place in May.

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