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Students participating in WFMC’s Federation Festivals receive a rating sheet with a judge’s critique of their performance and a certificate of participation, indicating the event they participated in (e.g. flute solo, piano duet, theory/musicianship, etc.) the location, and date of the festival they participated in, and the rating they received from their judge. Each rating is worth a certain number of Cup points. The five ratings judges may give are as follows:

SUPERIOR (5 Cup Points)
An outstanding performance which is consistently musical, stylistically correct, and accurate. Attention is given to dynamics, phrasing and musical expression. Memorization is secure with rapid recovery from minor slips. Errors do not detract from the participant’s interpretation. A complete performance.

EXCELLENT (4 Cup Points)
A strong performance that is musical and stylistically correct. The performance shows accomplishment and very good potential, but there are discrepancies in rhythm, dynamics, phrasing, and/or interpretation. Hesitation and/or memory slips detract from the participant’s presentation. A promising performance.

Shows accomplishment; however, numerous errors occur. Additional work in one or more areas needed in order to achieve a convincing presentation.

FAIR (2  Cup Points)
Some commendable aspects in performance and preparation are present, but severe deficiencies in fundamentals (for example, rhythm, notes, memory, etc.) are also apparent. Not fully ready for performance.

The participant is obviously poorly prepared and appears unconcerned with the performance.

As students continue to participate year after year in the NFMC Federation Festivals, they will amass more and more points in the events in which they participate. When students earn a certain number of points, they earn Festival Cup Trophies. With only a few exceptions, points from different events may not be combined. For example a student who plays a flute solo may not combine her flute solo cup points with points she earned in the Theory/Musicianship event. When the student has earned enough cup points, individual trophies will be awarded for each event in which the student participated.

First Gold Cup: 6″ tall – 15 Gold Cup Points
Second Gold Cup: 8″ tall – 30 Gold Cup Points
Third Gold Cup: 10″ tall – 45 Gold Cup Points
Fourth Gold Cup: 12″ tall – 60 Gold Cup Points
Grand Gold Cup: 14″ tall – 75 Gold Cup Points
President’s Cup: 16″ tall – 90 Gold Cup Points


In addition to small certificates of participation and Federation Cup trophies, students who have earned multiple consecutive Superior ratings in any given event are also eligible to receive  certificates indicating the number of consecutive years they have attained a superior rating in an event.

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