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WFMC Federation Festivals 2023

At this time, it is anticipated that WFMC Federation Festivals will be held live. The WFMC State Festival Competition is held the third Saturday of May at the UWM Peck School of the Arts in Milwaukee.

You must be a dues paying member of a Junior Club in order to enter Festivals. Dues were needed by September 30, 2022 (otherwise there is a late fee of $50) to Jon Radmer, WFMC Membership Chair. The dues remain $2 per junior club student with an event fee for the Festival of $21 per event. (If you are an individual member the dues are $50.) Junior Keynotes Magazine, the publication of, and for, the Junior Division of the NFMC is $6 per year!

Information is sent from the WFMC Federation Festival district chairs to teachers. Forms, whether for the virtual Festivals, or in-person Festivals in the WFMC, are being finalized. (Forms are typically due January 1.) The application forms will be online only.

Thank you for your patience as we look forward to a successful Festival year together.

WFMC Senior Independent Club members can also pay dues by contacting Jon at:

Welcome to the Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs Federation Festival and Cup  Programs — in the Junior Division of the NFMC

The WFMC, being an active part of the NFMC, follow the rules, guidelines and procedures, as stated in the July 2020 – June 2024  Federation Festivals Bulletin. The new Federation Festivals Bulletin is now available to order from the NFMC Headquarters, A reminder that all materials concerning Federation Festivals and Cups are copyrighted by the NFMC.

You must be a dues paying member in good standing in the Junior (by being part of a Senior club) Division in order to participate in the Federation Festivals conducted across our state.

Please note that these forms are the only acceptable forms for use in entering students in WFMC Federation Festivals. Entries submitted on old forms, or custom forms, will be rejected and you will be required to redo your forms.

Click on the titles below to download the forms, 2023 not yet available.

*WFMC Ins Request 2021-22

*WFMC CPP Form 2021-22

In addition, the booklet Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Within Youth-Serving Organizations must be read. A copy of the booklet is at the: US Department of Health and Human Services and the CDC online. There will be a form to acknowledge that you have read and understand the context of this booklet.

If you have questions or comments contact your local Festival Chair or the WFMC State Festival and Cup Chair, Kathy Baumgart at: 262.547.3198.

2022 Application for the WFMC Federation Festivals are available online only.

*2022 JR 3-9 Rating Sheet

updated 9/2022

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