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One of the best ways to become involved in the Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs is to become a member of your local senior club. You can find a list of all of the senior clubs in Wisconsin on the Senior Club Page. By joining your local senior club, you can meet other music teachers, musicians, music appreciation members, who will gladly help you in getting your students interested in Federation activities. A senior club can also provide you with an outlet to give back to your community and to improve the musical environment for all teachers, composers, arrangers, and musicians through arts advocacy programs.

There are Annual Senior Division Awards which are:

NFMC  Beyer Composition Awards for piano solo $2,500.  piano-voice, $2,500 or chamber music, $4,000 for those ages 20-31 with applications due by March 1.

NFMC Dr. Ouida Keck Award, honoring a past NFMC President with an award for professional development for independent piano teachers with a minimum age requirement of 21. Applications are due by June 1.

NFMC Ruth Morse Wilson Handbell Award for handbells (choirs) with applications due April 1.

NFMC Vivian M Nelson Award for the Disabled and Visually Impaired for instrumental or voice, ages 25-34, with applications due by February 1.

Martha M Mack Sr Vocal Award for Man’s or Woman’s Voice, $5,000, for graduate students pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Vocal Performance with applications due by March 15.

Biennial Senior Division Awards are:

NFMC Alpha Corinne Mayfield Scholarship for Operatic Voice, ages 20-36, with applications due by February 1.

NFMC Glad Robinson Youse Adult Composers Award for piano or electronic keyboard solo/duet, wind or string solo, chamber music vocal solo, SSA or SATB choral. Applications are due by January 15.

NFMC Thelma A Robinson Award in Conducting for graduate level (or higher ages), with applications by invitation only from the Conductors Guild.

There are many other programs available for Senior Clubs to use.  Examples in our state are: Parade of American Music, ‘Together We Sing’,  Music Outreach and National Music Week. See this website for information along with the NFMC website for forms and applications,

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